I am back in Copenhagen for the next 2 months, enjoying summertime and working on the people in my hometown. 
I am taking appointments and have times available for continuing projects or starting up new ones.
All the best, and I hope you all have a great summer!
Best regards, Marcus


End of the road.. ..for now

I am back in Ruby Arts Tattoo Studio in York untill the 14th of March, after wich I will return to Kunsten på Kroppen for a longer period of time..
It is a pleasure ending the travelling for now where it all began!
Cheers, Marcus


A new beginning

So, I am currently in Germany, working at Drauf und Dran in Frankfurt and in Heaven and Hell in Herborn.
I will work with the highly skilled artist Astrid Köepfler, and her talented colleagues.


I will stay in Germany for the next 3 weeks, before returning to Copenhagen for 2 weeks in February, from around the 8th till the 26th.

I wish everyone a good new year, though a bit late.. The year of changes is upon us!

Cheers and Peace!


Back to basics..

Today I will leave York after nice stay with the good people in and around Ruby Arts Studio, I am already looking forward to return in february next year! I will go back to Denmark to celebrate Christmas and meet up with old friends. 
I have time to do some tattoos from the 25th untill the 10th of january, where I shall go to Frankfurt. 
As always, contact me on marcus@tattoo.dk or on my facebook page to get an appointment!
Thank you, and happy holiday!


Winter is coming!

I am currently back in Ruby Arts Tattoo Studio in York, England, where I will be working for the remaining of December.
I will take bookings on my mail, and my facebook page.
I am very happy too be back in this lovely city, and I hope to do some interesting artwork while I am here!
A update on the gallery on this blog will appear within the next couple of days as Ive been mighty busy..
Cheers, Marcus


In the teachers footsteps..

After a successfull convention in Brussels and a short stay in Denmark, I will travel to Frankfurt in Germany to work with the brilliant artist, and teacher of my teacher, Astrid Köpfler.
I will work at Heaven & Hell 

and Living Art Tattoo 

for the next couple of weeks..
Message me or mail at marcus@tattoo.dk for consultations and appointments!
Cheers, Marcus


The road goes on..

This time, I am going to Brusselles, to attend at the International Bruxelles Tattoo Convention.
I am looking forward to meeting some friends, getting some new ones, as well as doing some great pieces!
If you are interested in a slot during the weekend, come by and have a chat at the convention, or mail me at marcus@tattoo.dk

Cheers, Marcus